We are Helping to Address the ‘Duck Curve’

The energy transition makes electricity generation more unscheduled while EV adoption and electrification is fueling demand and exacerbating peaks in a transmission system designed for unidirectional flow.

This leads to material imbalances and constraint in the energy stems on system, transmission and distribution level.

For example, Australia is a particularly difficult playground with one of the largest solar penetrations in the world, one of the most geographically sparce electricity networks and highly volatile energy prices.

The challenges of energy imbalances are commonly depicted in the ‘Duck Curve’ in regions with high solar-penetration and manifest in different shapes across the globe depending on generation mix, grid infrastructure and customer behaviour.

From a Utility for Utilities

Within Origin Energy, Australia’s leading integrated energy company, we started to address the problem of the ’Duck Curve’ by connecting distributed energy resources (DERs) and orchestrating them to help assist with grid stability, price-optimal energy procurement and cost benefits for end-customers.

We built our solution up to be a leading Virtual Power Plant in Australia, called Origin Loop, that provides grid services, market opportunities and attractive end-customer offerings across hot water systems, batteries and EVs.

The Experience of a Utility with the Agility of a Startup

We are a team of data scientists, engineers and energy experts that are all eager to develop smart solutions for energy flexibility.

Kinergy takes expertise gained through operating Origin Loop in Australia and offers this energy flexibility capability to utilities around the world.

The Team