Road tested through grid critical operations, running since 2021 at 5 minute intervals in the Australian market

Scalable cloud infrastructure and modular platform

Multiple deployment models available as Platform-as-a-Service or licensed model

Versatile and customisable for wide range of use cases and energy assets


Connect and integrate with a wide range of compatible distributed energy resources. Use interfaces and alerts to monitor your asset fleet.

1. Multi-Asset Control

Connect to a range of energy asset types (e.g. solar, EV, battery, electric hot water system, heat pump, industrial) across models and brands

2. Asset Integration

Leverage suitable connectivity options (e.g. direct integration, third party API, control device) to make assets available to energy markets for trading arbitrage and grid services

3. Fleet Monitoring

Monitor the asset fleet and load patterns through secure and reliable real-time data streaming






Use cloud automation, wide data inputs (weather, market, customer, asset constraints) and AI to produce optimal operating schedules for thousands of devices solving for maximum energy flexibility.

1. Continuous Real-Time Forecasting

Stream live data at an asset, geographic, or customer cohort level and identify opportunity for load flexibility or shaping

2. AI Optimisation Engine

AI produces a dynamic operating schedule for thousands of devices to optimise load shape throughout the day, factoring in customer requirements, market dynamics, network and physical constraints

3. Dispatch Decision & Trading Oversight

Optimised schedules are communicated from the cloud to physical assets using IoT protocols, phone, email, SMS. Monitor market and flexibility activity through your trading desk for coordination with your wider fleet

4. Performance Measurement

Monitor success of dispatch strategies against a non-optimised baseline and track value across wholesale demand response, ancillary and network charge value streams

Kinergy ENGAGE

Set up a turnkey customer app to provide a superior experience to your end-customer, or use data feeds to enrich your existing customer interface.

1. Customer App

Deploy a sophisticated customer app with end-to-end energy management features (white labelled)

2. Data Feed

Use relevant data points to feed into your existing customer interfaces

3. Engagement Uplift

Tap into Kinergy’s experience in setting up successful customer experiences and running partnership programs for maximum engagement